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Randall in 2014

Greetings to my fellow supporters, past and present! 

Free Minds has accomplished quite a bit since my early “Bethel Ministries” began in 1982.  I had written the first report about the situation at Bethel in 1979-1980 (Raymond Franz, etc. after talking to author Edmond Gruss, author of Apostles of Denial, 1970) which was the only real extensive apologetic on the Jehovah’s Witnesses from a former member at the time.  Ray Franz wrote his book a year later (Crisis of Conscience) after I published my tome, “What Happened at the World Headquarters in the Spring of 1980?” and my pastor Ralph let me print and send 10,000 of them all over the world to educate Christians and Witnesses. I had remained at Bethel for about 6 months after he and Cynthia were forced out.  

I took a little time off to contemplate and study back in Cali, was re-appointed as an elder in the local Airport Congregation, hosted a bookstudy, and told the other elders nothing about the Franz Incident.  AND in my spare time I learned true Christian doctrine, was baptized at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach in 1981, and went on to become a licensed Foursquare pastor (for tax purposes) as a sub-ministry of Hope Chapel, as I was an assistant pastor at Hope Chapel Venice (Calif.) a few years later, and then the main pastor (Zac Nazarian) of this “surfer church” finally talked me into starting a small church of 35 to go along with me.

In 1989-1990 after 30 of us ex-JW friends meeting in my living room, we rented a Manhattan Beach property owners building about 4 blocks away on Sunday nights and had our main service there for three years, then started my own branch of Hope Chapel (West Manhattan Beach) in 1990.  I was not paid a dime for the church work ever, but paid a secretary to keep records.  My main work was still helping JWs get out.  Half of our little church were my former (and some currently still) Jehovah’s Witnesses, and we are still friends after decades!   But it was too much of a strain and my  Freeminds’ ministry won out, and I offered to bring in a new pastor or if the vote was to dissolve, that would be fine.  We tried out other young pastors but ex-JWs don’t relate well to them.  But my people are all doing good, years later.
Two Years of Pain

These last 18 months or so have contained the worst experiences of my life – mostly my back and legs (skeletal), but mental trauma as well.  That is why it looked like I disappeared!  But I’ve been here working for 12 months with not a single dime for a paycheck.  It's all paperwork.  I am hoping the Feds will approve Social Security Disability in a few months with an attorney’s help, but in the meantime I am running on my retirement funds.  Now I have free medical insurance, thankfully!  (All donations go to Free Minds' outreach, and not me).

I am going to focus on this site soon, (my original site) and conglomerate all 7 other domains into this one except in a couple of months or so.  We now have a rating of 6… quite high! (see below).  
Let’s keep going and make the Watchtower a piece of distant history, and help the victims physically and spiritually, or show them sources of help.  I see none of the other ministries left have any plans to really offer professional help to those leaving, but there will be MANY.  Who will offer ongoing sources of help?  If we survive with your help, we can help.
Yours always,
Randall Watters
PO Box 3818
Manhattan Beach CA 90266

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